Space – 17/02/18 – Review

‘Space’ are an indie band whom originated from Liverpool, which was formed initially in 1993 as a trio of Tommy Scott, Jamie Murphy and Andy Parle, Franny Griffiths joined the line-up a year later. The band peaked mid 1990s and released charting singles such as ‘female of the species’ and ‘neighbourhood’, plus many more, before eventually disbanding in 2005.

In 2011, 2 years after the death of Parle, the band announced that they would reunite with Scott and Griffiths returning alongside two new others: Phil Hartley and Allen Jones.

Saturday 17th February 2018, Space performed at the arts centre. The night started off at 7:30 with support acts from Dominic Benjamin and Bessie Turner. These were both very strong acts despite the diversity in their music. Benjamin specifies in folk music whereas Bessie is an alternative/indie artist. They set the night off right as it enabled the audience to loosen up and get more into the mood. I have no doubts that these two acts will succeed in the critically competitive industry.

At around 9:30, it began. I was unsure and quite sceptical on what they will be like and how the night will pan out. Nonetheless I situated myself near the front where the music was being blasted through the speakers. The atmosphere was incredibly positive whereby Tommy Scott made numerous innuendos towards the bands “success” throughout the years, this resulted in a lot of laughter.

I was quite surprised at how involved the audience got; from a few young kids, through to middle aged men and women they all seemed to be having an exceptional good time, singing along to many of their songs.

Space merchandise was being sold such as CDs and vinyl’s which looked quite appealing although It’s uncertain as to how many was sold.

“Female of the species” was the song that got the most reaction. Tommy Scott emerged into the crowd and interacted with many people. He allowed them to sing with him, and on their own into the microphone this created huge amounts of excitement (however I couldn’t help but feel bad for the man who had to follow Scott everywhere with the microphone lead!)

The night finished around 11pm. The crowd seemed hugely satisfied and had a great Saturday night out!

Cassie Murphy

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