Boogaloo Stu and Lorraine Bowen in Much Ado About Crimbo – 19/12/18 – Review

By Wendy Hildreth

(with apologies to William Shakespeare)


Two actors, both attired in festive garb

In fair Colchester where we lay our scene.

From silly songs to spoken witty barb

Where bingo cards were filled or rather lean.

From forth the lively lips of these two stars

Came lines from famous Christmas songs and Bard.

And so we filled our cards and sang some bars

The well-known tunes we found were not so hard.

Derek Daniels charmed as Boogaloo Stu

Lorraine Bowen, the polyester queen

“Talented” Crumble Lady as we knew

To join in song the audience was keen.

Ronnie, Jason, David are also named

We sang, we danced, we all were entertained.

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