Figs In Wigs – 11/10/17 – Review

This was a back-to-front show with the end being at the beginning. It felt a bit strange to applaud something which hadn’t actually happened. We entered the performance space to see 5 people lying on the stage in Shakespearean-style costumes. They then got up and bowed, once and then again, and then again, and …..

I was admiring the Tudor style set and thinking how good it looked in the Arts Centre when they unexpectedly began to strike the set and the house lights came up. There were titters of nervous laughter as we wondered what was happening. Gradually a different set and costumes were revealed and the next part of the show began.

The whole show was quite episodic – like a series of dance sketches. Some were very good whilst others were a bit repetitive. I particularly liked the section where the dancers moved to the sound of creaking doors and doorbells. It was very cleverly done and very atmospheric.

Another enjoyable section was not dance but the company reading hackneyed phrases and adding amusing comments. For example: “You only live once. – No you live every day; you only die once!”

This was followed by a section depicting the daily grind with the company dressed in suits. This started off well bit became a bit repetitive – intentionally probably but it was a bit too much.

The final section was brilliant with a projection of a backstreet with glimpses of a “boy band” interspersed with quick close ups of their shoes. Suddenly the company burst through the projected street scene and performed a ‘#back Street Boys number looking scarily masculine! Then, without warning the show ended with the company striking the set. We wondered if this really was the end and a lot of people felt cheated as we didn’t feel able to applaud at this point. Gradually the audience started leaving and that was the end of the show. Obviously that was why we applauded at the beginning.

Wonderful, weird, wacky—the surprising second Wednesday.

Wendy Hildreth

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