From The Chair’s Wife – Street Hunt – 16/09/17

An “insider’s” view…

There was a real buzz outside Red Lion Books at 11.45 today (Saturday 16th September). The scene was set with Sarah Donaldson sitting outside at her spinning wheel. Was this a metaphor, I wondered, for the spinning and unravelling of the clues for the street hunt? She was then joined by our Town Crier, Robert Needham, resplendent in his full regalia and two members of the Colchester Waites store with shawms.

As the Chair had gone on some errands, I decided I had better join the queue which was starting to form. There was a real air of excitement with press photographers setting up shots of Arts Centre director Anthony Roberts and co – and the queue was rapidly lengthening. The Chair arrived greeting all the important people, as he does!

Then the hour arrived.

The Town Crier held forth, the musicians played and we were off! Peter Donaldson led us in Pied Piper fashion into the shop to buy the book with the clues. I received number 4 and was helped by Victoria Steinitz from The Roman River festival to remove the wrapping. We excitedly browsed through the book, recognising some places easily but mystified by others.

Finally we found the poem and laughed our heads off. The challenge had been set!

Wendy Hildreth

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